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What You Should Know About Hard Drive Degaussers If you ask most people what degaussing is, chances are that they would not know. In a nutshell, degaussing refers to eliminating or reducing unwater data that is stored on a hard drive. Most hard disks usually store the data transferred on a magnetic strip. A degausser has a strong magnetic field. The data on a storage device gets erased when the device comes in the magnetic field of the degausser. In most cases, erasing a hard disk using a PC does not completely erase it. The data deleted on a hard disk using the PC is usually moved to a different compartment that can be accessed using a number of data recovery applications. If you want to be sure of completely wiping off the data on your hard drive, you should degausse it. This explains why government institutions and corporations usually use degaussing to erase date on their drives. How a Degausser Works The easiest way to understand how a Degausser works is to start at looking at how data is usually stored on a hard drive. Generally, hard drives have a magnetic strip where data is stored on. When you turn on your PC, the data on the magnetic strip in the hard drive is read and converted to digital format. The digital format is what the end users see in form of text, video or audio from the hard disk.
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When you put a hard disk on the magnetic field of a degausser, the magnetic strip is destroyed. The data becomes randomized as the magnetic field destroys the magnetic strip. When the magnetic strip has been destroyed, no data can be recovered from the hard disk.
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Which Degausser Should You Buy? There are various types of degaussers in the market. Before choosing one to buy, you should research well. Since not all degaussers work in the same way, it is only logical to research before buying. The most common degaussers are the electromagnetic type. The degaussers charge a degaussing coil to produce a magnetic field. The other type of degaussers you can purchase are the permanent magnet ones. These degaussers have one or more rare earth magnets and can be operated without electricity. There are also specific uses that a degausser may be made for. For example, some degaussers are made for mobile operations and others for high volume work. The performance of a degausser when it comes to erasing data is one of the things to consider during the evaluation period. The maximum magnetic field strength of a degausser determined its performance. The higher the magnetic field strength, the higher the performance you can expect from a degausser. Follow the guide above when looking to buy a degausser.

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